About Woodard Rug Cleaning

Photos from woodard rug cleaning's history

At Woodard Rug Cleaning, we’ve built our business the same way other trusted companies have developed solid growth: with good, old fashioned customer service. We’re justifiably proud to carry on the incredible standards set by Earl & Nancy Woodard, when they first opened our doors in 1946.

It All Started with a Dream…

The events that led us to setting up shop in St. Louis sound like the storyline of a Hollywood movie: Man goes to war and returns a hero, charts his future with his beautiful bride, and together their ambition and drive form the plot with the perfect happy ending.

As an Army Air Corp navigator during WWII, Earl Woodard was shot down over occupied France. He escaped on foot through the Pyrenees Mountains, eventually finding freedom in Spain. Soon after being reunited with the allied forces, Earl received his discharge papers and returned to St. Louis.

Upon his return, he and his wife, Nancy, started a grassroots carpet cleaning service, working out of a canvas-covered trailer, pulled by their only family car. Customer by customer, job by job, Earl and Nancy took their business from these humble beginnings in 1946, and grew to become a dominant player in carpet, rug, and furniture cleaning. More recently we’ve expanded our scope of services, proudly emerging as the Midwest’s leader in fire, smoke, and water restoration, as well as full-service reconstruction work. Additionally, through our commitment to customer service, we’ve grown to be the most trusted carpet, rug and furniture cleaner in the St. Louis area.

Your Woodard, Today

Today, Woodard Cleaning and Restoration continues to be family-owned-and-operated, staying true to those same virtues instilled the day we took our first phone call. Generations two and three are now calling the shots; Charlie Woodard, son of Earl and Nancy Woodard, serves as Chairman of the Board and CEO, with help from his son, Justin Woodard, President of the company.

We are now a team of more than 200 strong, with impeccably-trained employees across several service lines. Utilizing a fleet of over 100 vehicles, we’re equipped to handle all of your furniture, carpet, hard surface, and rug cleaning needs, along with water, fire, and smoke restoration and full-service construction needs. Our valued customers include homeowners in the St. Louis area, as well as commercial businesses and institutions across the Midwest. Holding multiple industry certifications, recognitions, and awards, Woodard maintains the leadership position in carpet and rug cleaning as well as restoration services.

Over the past several years, we’ve charted steady growth, partly due to our ongoing commitment to business development, but also because of our commitment to put customers first. Our customers are loyal to us because we provide the kind of customer service you’re simply not used to receiving anymore. New customers hear about our commitment and seek us out because of it; and for that, we thank you.

Business Philosophy

Typically, companies are structured in the same way: the CEO is at the top of the organizational chart, followed by the managers, then the employees. Pretty standard, right? Well, at Woodard we look at things a little bit differently. The most important part of our business is our customers – which is why you’re at the top of our organizational chart. Following our customers is our employees, who work together as a team, rather than as segmented groups. While we highly encourage diversity amongst our employees, every member of the Woodard team has one thing in common: they’re all dedicated to Woodard’s core values.

As a company, we operate under three essential core values, which we believe, speak wonders about the morale of our business and employees. Our core values include:

  • Do What's Right
  • Serve Others
  • Learn Every Day

We’re Here for You

Full of tips for the homeowner and business operator, our site offers it all. While you’re here, take a few minutes to check out our blog, filled with countless posts on everything from how to prepare for severe weather and verifying insurance coverage, to DIY plumbing repairs and making your own laundry detergent. We care about our customers’ questions and concerns, and are always at your service. We hope to earn your trust and recommendations, all while knocking your socks off with the Woodard WOW Factor!

Woodard’s Commercial Cleaning Processes

Recommended by major carpet manufacturers, hot water extraction agitates carpet to break down soil and grime found deep within the fibers. After a thorough rinse with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and a rapid turbo-drying process, carpets are not only cleaner, but they are stronger as well. Dirt Encapsulation Cleaning (DEC) is a system of low moisture cleaning, and is often used between regularly scheduled cleaning sessions. Since this method uses very little moisture to clean, carpets dry faster, allowing you to get back to business quicker.

Complete Restoration Services by Woodard24/7

Woodard Restoration Team Responding to an emergency

When disaster strikes, turn to our team of certified restoration professionals. With nearly 70 years of experience, we have the ability to rebuild your home, building, or business from start to finish. With Woodard on your side, getting "back to normal" has never been easier.

When you call Woodard for water, fire or storm damage restoration, we will apply a proven, scientific process that will bring your home or workplace back to its pre-disaster form. This is a multi-step process that we have proven works.