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Master Rug Cleaners at Woodard

Always investing in excellence, several of Woodard's Rug Care Center technicians are Master Rug Cleaner-certified, providing them with the highest level of skill and education in caring for high-end Oriental rugs. The Master Rug Cleaner course is considered, "The gold standard in training & certification for rug cleaning professionals," and we are proud to have several of these individuals on our staff.

When you take your rugs to a Certified Master Rug Cleaner, you can be confident your rugs will be cleaned by a professional who has:

Master Rug Cleaning by Woodard
  • Made the financial, intellectual and time committment to go far beyond fundamental knowledge of rug cleaning;
  • Trained his or her employees in the use fo safe cleaning procedures, protection of the environment and the highest ethical business practices; and
  • Is a member of an international network of like-minded professionals.

The ultimate goal of the Certified Master Rug Cleaner is to provide customers with the highest quality service available. To learn more about what it takes to become a Master Rug Cleaner, click here.

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Anyone can claim to be able to clean your rug, but can they guarantee they understand the intricities of fine, high end rugs. If you are wanting to insure that your rug is handled in the proper way using state of the art technology and techniques, call the certified and trained professionals at Woodard at 314-227-3928 or complete our contact form.