Area Rug Cleaning Process

prewash area rug inspection

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Cleaning your area rugs properly is a great way to maintain their form, function, and beauty. While vacuuming them regularly and treating for spots is a good place to start, the best way to ensure their longevity is to let the professionals at Woodard care for them at least annually, if not more often than that. While machine-made rugs may be able to withstand many types of generic cleaning processes, high-end hand-knotted rugs truly do require a more delicate, expert form of care. These rugs can become heirlooms passed down for generations, so you want to ensure they are protected through any necessary cleanings and repair processes.

Woodard’s Cleaning Process Explained

For more than 70 years we have specialized in cleaning and caring for area rugs. We follow this standard process of assessment and treatment in order to ensure all rugs are taken care of properly:

  1. Perform a detailed pre-cleaning inspection and create a list of recommendations to get your rug's beauty back.
  2. Analyze the rug's condition to determine any specific areas that need attention.
  3. Vacuum the rug to loosen any soil and debris particles.
  4. Pre-treat any spots and stains in preparation for the next steps.
  5. Hand-clean the rug’s fringe, as well as any adornments and decorations that it may have.
  6. Clean the rug by the safest method possible, based on its material and condition.
  7. Apply topical treatments as necessary/requested.
  8. Groom the rug until it achieves a uniform appearance before sending it to our humidity-controlled drying room.
  9. Once dried, inspect the rug to ensure it meets our high standards of quality. If we are not satisfied with its appearance or condition, we will repeat our process until we achieve this standard.
  10. The rug is rolled up and tied with reusable twine or brown paper wrapping and ready to be sent back to its owner.

Contact Woodard Rug Cleaning Services in Missouri & Illinois

If you are living in the Saint Louis, Frontenac, Ladue, Clayton, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Rock Hill, Brentwood, Maplewood, Ballwin, Ellisville, Wildwood and surrounding cities in East Missouri and are in need of area rug care, contact Woodard at: 314-227-3928. If you have questions about our company and/or any of the services we provide, please visit our contact page here for further inquiries. We service both commercial and residential properties in Missouri and Illinois.