The MOR™ Rug Cleaning Machine: Woodard’s Best Rug Cleaning Method | Missouri and Illinois

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It might seem that cleaning any type of rug will be fairly easy – depending on its size, shape, and condition – but in reality, getting those nasty blemishes off is not a simple task.  It can be difficult to keep damaging soil out of rug fibers, but if you go at spots and spills too aggressively, it may destroy these prized possessions. Some commercially manufactured rugs can withstand being in a washing machine or being scrubbed with both hands, but delicate items (e.g. wool, silk, Oriental, and Persian rugs) need to be cared for differently.

Using over-the-counter rug cleaning products is likely to destroy your rug’s appearance and form. Their colors could migrate or fade, and machines like your vacuum can tear fibers and fringe apart. In order to preserve the aesthetic aspect of your pieces, contacting the professionals at Woodard will provide your rugs with the proper care.

For many years, we, at Woodard, have worked with all types of rugs. We take rug cleaning seriously, and to prove our dedication and passion, we are lucky enough to have the best rug cleaning machine in the Midwest to help us out.

All of Woodard’s rugs are cleaned by the MOR™ Rug Cleaning System, and Woodard is the only cleaning facility in the Midwest with this state-of-the-art system. We are proud to offer our customers the very best in area rug cleaning.

The MOR™ Rug Cleaning Method

According to Woodard’s Rug Care Center Operations Manager Scott Ring, the “MOR™ machine was truly an innovation for its time. "It is amazing how effective it still is today," Scott has stated. The MOR™ cleaning system is prized for its versatility and automates many stages within the rug cleaning process. It is used to completely and thoroughly clean a rug or carpet, using a unique soap injection system. The brushes can be used as an agitator to loosen the soil that’s been embedded into the rug. The MOR™ machine can also be used to rinse and extract rugs with its rinse line and hydraulic rinse roller at the exit point of the process. Scott has added, “As we continually improve here at Woodard, we are looking toward the future to replace some of the older parts on this machine with stainless steel and we plan to keep using this same machine for years to come.”

In our constant ambition to maintain excellence, Woodard technicians personally assess each rug to determine the safest cleaning methods. Our team strives to protect and preserve the quality of each piece in our care. Topical treatments such as moth protection as well as deodorization are also offered. Furthermore, our team will pick up your rug and deliver it back to your home, making consistent care of your rug easier and more convenient than ever.

Give Your Rugs the MOR™ Experience Today!

The MOR™ machine is an amazing invention manufactured by the MOR™ Company in Elkhart. This “gentle-giant” is designed by a system that has lasted 65 years, ensuring that proven efficiency is what keeps it going. It can handle all sorts of rugs, and gives each piece a thorough, and delicate, clean.

Each rug will go through various stages, but the process can be simplified into four parts:

  • Soap Injection
  • Brushing (which agitates and loosens soil)
  • Rinse
  • Extraction

The MOR™ is fast, efficient, and can handle cleaning dozens of rugs within a day! So, if you are interested in cleaning your rugs the MOR™ way, give us a call at: 314-227-3928. You may also visit our contact site here for further questions and details. The MOR™ Rug Cleaning Machine is only available at Woodard.