Moth Treatment in the St. Louis Area

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There's nothing more horrifying than seeing your precious Oriental rugs and other luxurious floor coverings in pieces, littered with holes. When this occurs, you know that the moths have begun to settle in. Moths are particularly attracted to wool and silk, which are, unfortunately, two of the most common fibers that are used to create Oriental rugs, as well as other luxurious rugs. To get past this, Woodard Rug Cleaning has a Moth Treatment solution -- and with a plethora of rug protection treatments, we can ensure that your rug will be safe from the jaws of hungry moths, and will remain in good condition for years to come.

Moth Treatment

Our Moth Treatment is a three-step process. Treating stubborn moths is simple. First, we thoroughly inspect the carpets and other textiles for any moth larvae, or signs of them. Next, we carefully clean, repair, and treat the rugs so that they will be less appealing for the moths to chew on. Finally, the moth treatment is applied so that future damage from them can be successfully stopped before it even begins. Best of all, the moth treatment that we use is completely safe for your rugs and doesn't come with harsh chemicals that can harm your family either. We also offer pet odor removal treatment, among others.

Don't forget to contact us today and we'll be ready to schedule a time for FREE rug inspection, estimate, pickup and delivery services in the St. Louis area, all for you. 

How to Spot Moth Damage

Have you noticed any bald spots in your area rug? If you have, you may be able to spot some moth netting covering the rug's surface if the infestation is particularly bad. If your rug has visible light or dark brown spots, that is evidence of moth larvae excrement. You may even be able to see the actual larvae which would appear white and small, wriggling about in your area rug. Adult moths are tiny, being beige or light brown in color.

To avoid or remove these annoying pests, be sure to call Woodard Rug Cleaning for complete moth damage prevention. We'll apply our moth treatment swiftly and completely. Plus, you don't have to worry about bringing your rugs to us--we'll pick up your rug from your own home or office and we'll return it when treated and ready to resist moths.

Moth Damage Prevention with Regular Rug Cleanings

When you choose Woodard Rug Cleaning, say goodbye to any moth holes and unpleasant surprises. When you keep area rugs professionally cleaned, vacuumed, and treated, that's the simplest and most effective way to permanently defeat moths and an onslaught of moth larvae. To prevent any chances of additional moth infestations, it's highly recommended to have your entire home or business treated for moth intrusion.

Call Woodard Rug Cleaning now and make sure to ask about our rug cleaning specials and discounts, so we can help you save your rug and your wallet! Contact us at 314-227-3928 today.