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The braided rug is a piece of luxury that lends a comfortable, homey atmosphere when placed in any room. Braided rug designs became popular throughout America in the 1800s. If you would like to keep your braided rug looking its best, there are some guidelines to keep in mind when it comes to care and cleaning.

General Care

Braided rugs are quite durable and will hold up very well even in the high-traffic areas in your home. Their typical color patterns also do a good job of hiding dirt that sticks to them in between cleanings. This makes the braided rug a great addition to homes that have children and pets.

Because of the structure of braided rugs, specialized care must be taken with them to ensure that they are not damaged. While braided rugs are perfect for kitchen or dining room use, make sure you don't drag heavy furniture across them. Doing so can pull apart the stitches that bind the braids together. Also, pointed chair legs can become stuck between the braids if handled roughly. To avoid any such damage, use proper padding underneath your braided rugs, move your furniture carefully over them, and flip your rugs on a regular basis to make sure that the wear and tear is even. If your rug's braids do separate, it's easy enough to fix by our alterations and repair team.

Cleaning Tips

There are several things you can do to help preserve your braided rug:

  • For regular maintenance, vacuum the braided rug on both sides, and avoid using the rotary brushes on the head. The fibers on a braided rug lie horizontally instead of vertically, so you need to be careful about surface abrasion.
  • You can also opt to shake the dust and dirt out of your rug, and then remove pet hair and other debris using a lint brush.
  • If liquids spill onto your rug, use mild soap and water to clean it. You can also try a dry cleaning solvent: first applied with a sponge, then cleaned up with a towel. These dry cleaning solvents help prevent the dye on your rug from running.

These methods are good to use between professional cleanings, but these cannot get all the dirt and debris out of the rug that can lead to the breakdown of the fibers. Even when you use these methods, it is important to have your rug cleaned 1-2 times per year depending on the amount of traffic it sustains.

Cleaning All Types of Rugs the Professional Way  

When it comes to rug cleaning, we stand by all types of rugs at Woodard, as we believe that each rug must be handled with exceptional care to fully preserve its form and function. Your braided rugs have done their best to provide decor and comfort in your home, and once they have sufficiently gathered enough wear and tear, the best thing you can do for them is to send them to us. We have technicians who are ready to care for your rugs, gently removing the dust, dirt, and bacteria that have gotten in between the rugs' fibers. If you're interested in getting a thorough rug cleaning from us, give us a call at 314-227-3928. Feel free to visit our contact page for any other inquiries. We provide rug cleaning and rug repair services to properties located across Missouri and Illinois.