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Rugs that have custom borders bring out a certain beauty of your floors. They make the area appear much bigger and it unifies your furniture perfectly. However, rugs with custom borders can easily get soiled and damaged. Depending on its material, it can easily absorb stains that come from liquid and solid substances. For situations like these, immediate cleaning must be done, and although relying on a conventional cleaning method could do the trick, professional cleaning services are a sure way to clean and protect your custom bordered rugs. Several types of custom bordered rugs are made of axminster or wilton weaving techniques. Most of these need to be tacked out and specialty cleaned to avoid humping and misshaping.

At Woodard, we take rug cleaning very seriously. Getting rid of the grime stuck within the fibers of your rug can be difficult, and if your cleaning process is improper, the stain could spread, further damaging your piece.

When we receive a rug cleaning project, we bring all affected rugs into our facility to be cleaned by either our MOR™ machine or other specialized cleaning processes depending on the type of rug. We promise that once your rugs have undergone our cleaning processes, they will come out looking better than new!

If you are in need of professional rug cleaning services and/or repairs pronto, then give us a call at: 314-227-3928. You may also visit our contact page contact page for further questions and inquiries. All of our services are available to properties located in Missouri and Illinois.