Machine Made Oriental Rug Cleaning Services in Missouri and Illinois

Machine Made Oriental Rug
oriental rug cleaning by Woodard rugs

Before and after cleaning oriental rug

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Machine-made rugs are as durable and as appealing as elegant handmade rugs – while only costing a fraction of the price.  One must remember, however, that no matter what method is used to create a rug, the cleaning process needs to be done correctly for the rug to retain its form and color.

The materials used for making rugs differ, and not all will respond positively to commercial cleaning products. Furthermore, stains and other blemishes can severely damage the piece’s appearance as well as its form, especially if you are using the incorrect cleaning method. When you are facing dilemmas such as these, it is always better to ask the professionals for help.

Cleaning All Types of Rugs the Professional Way  

Our technicians are expertly trained and ready to face all types of rug cleaning jobs. Plus, with the MOR™ systems by our side, we can remove all types of dust, dirt, and bacteria that have gotten stuck between your rugs’ fibers for a very long time. If you are interested in having your rugs cleaned by Woodard, give us a call at: 314-227-3928. You may also visit our contact page here for further questions and inquiries. We provide all sorts of rug cleaning and rug repair services to properties located across Missouri and Illinois.