Navajo Rug Cleaning in Missouri and Illinois

a side by side comparison of a Navajo rug before cleaning and after cleaning

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The Navajo rug is special. Not only is it made with intricate patterns and designs, but it captures the spirit and traditional art form of the country’s ancestors as well. These brightly-colored and bold-patterned rugs can add a pop of color and style to any space!

Since Navajo rugs are created with dyes that are not commercially made, hand washing them or caring for them without proper expertise can seriously damage these rugs and their beautiful appearance.

Protect the beauty of your Navajo rugs today with the help of Woodard’s expert cleaning processes.

Giving Your Rugs the Professional Clean they Need

At Woodard, we provide a multitude of area rug cleaning services, making us the most qualified experts to handle your Navajo rugs. Our specialists are knowledgeable about the delicate materials these rugs are made of, and we promise that once your rugs have fallen into our hands we will take proper precautions to preserve their value. If your rugs have sustained a heavy amount of wear and tear, we can bring it back to life with our area rug repair services as well. Give us a call at: 314-227-3928 and give your Navajo rugs the uplifting treatment they deserve. Visit our contact page for further inquiries or learn more about our rug care essentials. All of our services are available in the St. Louis Metro Area of Missouri and Illinois.