Oriental Rug Cleaning in Missouri and Illinois

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Understanding the artisan craftsmanship and the time it takes to create a hand-knotted oriental rug is usually greatly underestimated. Depending on which country they came from, it is possible that they are created from a hundred year old process and are colored from natural dyes. Because of these characteristics, many people seek out these precious items and place them all around their homes and businesses. However, what most sellers do not tell you is that these types of rugs require a higher level of maintenance and care to protect your investment or heirloom for generations to come.

As beautiful and gorgeous as oriental area rugs are, they are at risk for easily facing the following damages due to their delicate nature:

  • Color migration
  • Discoloration
  • Dry rot
  • Damage from moths and other insects
  • Premature wear due to dry soil particulate

Many at-home cleaning processes and solutions are known for damaging oriental rugs because they truly do require a gentle, expert cleaning process. Commercially-manufactured rugs, on the other hand, are not hand-knotted and therefore may take better to retail products and cleaning processes. If your oriental rugs are in need of proper cleaning and/or repair, contact Woodard today and let our team of experts take care of them.

Protect Your Oriental Rugs Today!

Our company has been in the cleaning business since 1946 and with age comes experience. We have been exposed to numerous types of rugs and have carefully created a system that can provide the rugs with the professional care they need. Our team of experts knows how to handle your oriental rugs and will only use expert cleaning processes and the correct solutions to help preserve the beauty of your prized pieces. You can reach us by dialing: 314-227-3928 or visit our contact page for further inquiries and details. We offer various kinds of rug care services to commercial and residential customers in Missouri and Illinois, which include: