Persian Rug Cleaning in Missouri and Illinois

large clean Persian area rug colorful Persian rug cleaned by Woodard Rug Cleaning Persian area rug cleaned by Woodard Rug Cleaning

Today, beautiful Persian rugs can be seen in homes across the world. Their bold and rich colors and distinct patterns provide rooms with an opulent ambiance. Originating from villages and cities of Persia (modern day Iran), these hand-woven items are made from organic dyes and undergo a creation process that has been passed down for generations. Because of how much work is placed into creating one Persian rug, these rugs can be very high in value.

Persian rugs have delicate surfaces that can make caring for them a bit more of a challenge - if they are exposed to incorrect cleaning processes, their authentic and regal appearance may begin to lose brilliance, leading to devaluation. Improper care can lead to color bleeding, fading, moth/insect damage, and premature damage from excess soil. Some are made from non-commercial dyes, and using strong cleaning chemicals can burn through their natural colors.

The Delicate Hands of Woodard

For more than 70 years, Woodard has taken care of every type of rug imaginable, giving us the experience and the proper knowledge in caring for Persian rugs. Once your Persian rugs are in our hands, our specialists will carefully examine their fibers and select the correct cleaning method in order to preserve their unique and valuable qualities. Further, if your Persian rugs are in need of any repair services, we will gladly repair them for you.

For Persian rug care services, give us a call at: 314-227-3928 or visit our contact page for further details. We also offer various area rug cleaning services which are available for commercial and residential properties located in the surrounding areas of Missouri and Illinois.