Silk Rug Cleaning in the St. Louis Area 

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Silk rugs have an illustrious glow that is unmatched by other rug types. Mostly woven right into Persian and oriental rugs, these elegant silk fibers give floors an additional shine which can beautifully enhance any interior.

Silk rugs are soft to the touch and very aesthetically pleasing, but can be a bit more fragile and delicate than its counterparts. Since the rugs' pile is made of silk, they can experience pile distortion and shading from time to time. Moreover, they are also known to get dirty faster, thus they should be placed in areas that have the least amount of foot-traffic if at all possible.

While it may be tempting to clean your silk rugs through basic, at-home rug cleaning methods, these delicate pieces really do require a specialized type of care. They are handmade items that utilize organic materials, and handling them with the improper cleaning chemicals and equipment may lead to disastrous results such as color bleeding and fading, torn fringes, and hard-to-remove stains. The best option you have is to let our Rug Care team at Woodard, take care of these rugs for you.

The Professional Rug Cleaning Team You Need

The professionals at Woodard are all trained to handle your silk rugs with utmost care and finesse. We have cleaning processes in place to care for rugs from the most durable in nature to the most fragile and everything in between, so you can rest assured that your piece will be taken care of.

We also offer various area rug cleaning services and rug repairs, so call us at: 314-227-3928 and treat your silk rugs to a professional cleaning today. Visit our contact page here for further details and inquiries. Our services are available to both residential and commercial properties all throughout Missouri and Illinois.