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Sumak Rug
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Sumak, which is sometimes spelled as soumak, soumakh, sumac, or soumac, is a type of flat weave that originated in the Caucasus region. The technique used to craft a sumak specifically involves wrapping weft threads over and under warp threads — a process that gives the fabric its strength, thickness, and embroidery-like pattern. Because of these qualities, the decorative yet practical sumak is often used to make textiles for rugs, bags, and bedding.

Weaving Sumak Rugs

Sumak rugs lack the slits that are typically found in kilims or flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs. To make a sumak, wefts are wrapped over 4 warps then drawn back under the last 2 warps. This process is repeated from one edge of the fabric to another. Also, unlike kilims, the back of a sumak is ragged and shows all the differently colored weft threads. However, a sumak may use motifs that are typically found in kilims.

Rug Maintenance and Restoration

Despite its resiliency and intricate beauty, a sumak rug is not immune to stains, wear and tear, and other issues brought about by time and frequent use. To retain the visual appeal and form of a sumak rug, owners should have regular cleaning and maintenance conducted by expert rug cleaners. With these practices, you can be assured that your handcrafted rug will lend warmth and comfort to your living or office space for a very long time.

Rug Restoration and Cleaning Services

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