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When it comes to finding a better alternative for hand-knotted rugs, the tufted rug is easily the number one choice. It feels and looks like hand-knotted rugs, but does not carry the hefty price. The reason behind this is in its creation process. While hand-knotted rugs are made by tying knots to create a pattern, tufted rugs are made with a tool called a “tufting gun” which pushes the loops of wool through a backing that has been imprinted. A latex adhesive is then added to the back and a backing is adhered over the glue.

Though a tufted rug is not deemed as a high-value piece, it does not mean that its features could not compete with the best. Tufted rugs come in various designs and colors and share the same components as hand-knotted rugs, giving them the same level of durability and visual appeal. However, cleaning this type of rug is complicated, especially when its inner and outer materials are heavily soiled. The inner material that the wool is tufted onto sometimes exhibits a stencil to mark the pattern and can bleed to the face during cleaning.

Rug fibers can easily absorb liquid and solid stains, and if you approach them with improper cleaning methods, removing these stains will prove to be virtually impossible. That is why we, at Woodard, will be more than happy to take on the task of restoring the appearance and function of your tufted rugs.

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Since tufted rugs are mainly made out of wool, they can be easily burned by harsh cleaning materials. They can also emit a horrible odor if the soiled area has expanded to the rug's latex coat. Choose the safer, more convenient option and let us at Woodard treat your rugs properly.

Our company utilizes the MOR™ cleaning system – the only one if its kind in the Midwest – whenever we receive tough-to-clean projects. We understand that different rugs require different cleaning methods, and with our technicians handling the job, it is certain that your tufted rugs will come out looking as good as new. With our help, not only will your pieces be rid of those hard-to-clean stains, but will be free from bacteria and germs as well. If you are interested in utilizing our services, give us a call at: 314-227-3928 or visit our contact page for further questions and details. Our rug cleaning and repairing services are available to properties situated in Missouri and Illinois.